Terms & Conditions

Site Rules for campers

1. Camping and Caravanning Club members must produce membership card for discount
2. Drive slowly and quietly on the estate roads and on site
3. Park with tow bars to the centre of the field
4. Park with a distance of 20 feet minimum between units
5. Please collect all litter into bags and use the litter bins provided
6. Please provide your own fire bucket with water by the tow bar (fire regulation condition)
7. Do not swim or paddle in the duck pond
8. Respect the privacy and peace of others at all times
9. Generators must (when used) be of the silent running type
10. Do not allow either animals or children to spoil the enjoyment of others
11. Pets and children must not be left unsupervised
12. Dogs to be kept on leads and owners to clean up after them on the site
13. Respect the wildlife, plants and animals on the farm
14. Do not climb or damage the trees
15. This is a working farm, please keep away from the farm buildings and away from any machinery
16. Please do not feed or try to pet the farm animals
17. A fire pit must be used for any open fire (Do not burn or damage the grass)
18. The management accepts no responsibility for any damage or theft to persons, vehicles or property

Gabriel’s Campsite will re-open – 17th May 2021

In line with the government’s road map to normality, we aim to open in full – including camping and fishing over night, together with our tackle shop in the visitor centre and full use of our newly upgraded showers and toilet blocks.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Please stay well and safe during this uncertain time.